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Hi I’m Mel.

Master photographer, educator, entrepreneur, small business owner, wife, mum, grandma and crazy cat lady.

I work from my home studio in the inner southern suburbs of Adelaide. I’ve won many awards for my photography over my 30+ years in the industry including South Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year(2009) and South Australian Family Photographer of the Year(2010). I’m known for portraits that capture the personality and beauty of my subjects.

I love to help, especially in the photography and cat worlds so I’ve served on industry related boards and judged photography competitions in Australia and overseas and I often donate my time to making the world a better place for all cats.

I want to create photographs that will exist long after I’m gone that will be cherished and handed down through generations. I try to make my photography sessions and events fun and relaxed and try to capture authentic expressions that are genuine and beautiful. I also like to make images that make people stop and look, and also to make them laugh. I’ve been lucky to work in many different genres in the photography industry and love to take on any challenge.